Preparation of the Estonian-Belarussian cooperation for wetland conservation

  • Topic: Wetland
  • Author: Багна
  • Date: 25.03.2019, 13:29

A new cooperation project has started from autumn 2015 between ELF, Brest Regional Branch of APB and NGO Bahna.

The aim of the project is to enhance cooperation between Estonian and Belorussian mire conservationists and volunteers. The activities of the project will involve a contact seminar in Belarus, study tour to Estonia and joint project preparation for mire conservation implementation in Belarus. The project will contribute to Belorussian biodiversity and climate targets to manage well wetlands and ensure sustainable peat production in the area. During the project also environmental awareness activities and volunteer involvement will be conducted by writing articles, social media, and media contacts.

A contact-seminar in Belarus

As the first activity of a project, a contact-seminar and a study-trip took place in Belarus from 26th to 30th of October 2015. Participants from ELF, RMK, University of Tartu, Brest Regional Branch of APB and NGO Bahna explored wetlands of both northern and southern Belarus as well as exchanged experience at mini-seminars.

Presentations whereby:

  • Jüri-Ott Salm, ELF – video-greeting by the initiator of the project.
  • Jaanus Liblek, ELF – presentation on ELF’s volunteer activities.
  • Lauri Lutsar, ELF – presented on ELF’s inventory of all mires in Estonia.
  • Kristjan Tõnisson, RMK – presentation on mire restoration projects in state-owned sites.
  • Ain Kull, University of Tartu – presentation on the effects of trenches.
  • Andrei Abramchuk, Brest Regional Branch of APB – presentation materials on future of Belarusian mires
  • Volha Kasekvich, NGO Bahna – further reading on Bahna’s website.

News of the event can be found at: news

ELF is thankful to all its partners, that helped to make this event inspirational and effective. The last study-trip took place in May 2017 in Estonia.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

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