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We see as our mission to popularize ideas of sustainable development and protect right for a healthy environment. We stand in defense of Belarusian wetlands and specially protected natural areas, working both on the public contacts and grassroots level and on the governmental level and state-concerned organizations that are directly involved in environmental conservation activity as well as activity, related to development and usage of natural resources.

We want to increase ecological consciousness and responsibility in Belarusian society. From 2012 we are getting in touch with many different people, including both activists struggling for their right for a healthy environment and scientists who spent their lives exploring this environment and its effects on life quality. Also we cooperate with local and international environmental organizations.

Our aim is to prevent future degradation of the environment and to preserve natural habitat and biodiversity of our country. In a forthcoming period our goals are to initiate creation of new specially protected natural areas and expand already existing ones, to increase their efficiency, to create and promote methodological development, to improve legislative and regulatory systems as well as to develop environmental management.

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Our Projects 
Belarusian Wildlife Conservation Working Group
It is a group of enthusiasts who collaborate and work for more effective conservation of specially protected natural areas (nature reserves, national parks, environmentally sensitive areas). Belarusian Wildlife Conservation Working Group works with the problematic of anthropogenic degradation of natural ecosystems, lack of sustainable management, information availability, compliance with international obligations and other issues.

Mission of the group is to preserve Belarusian wildlife.

In Defense of Belarusian Wetlands
Public campaign started as a reaction to Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 794 “On certain issues of peat extraction and optimization of the network of specially protected natural areas” that was adopted on June 17, 2011. It stipulated that 8 wetlands in the territories of nature reserves be reorganized and allocated for peat extraction.

Campaign aimed to preserve eight wetlands in the territories of nature reserves, cancel Resolution No. 794 and reject the existing plans for construction of new peat briquette factories in large natural wetlands. By creating the initiative and our resource we tried to identify the problem and the consequences it may have, gathered opinions of local people and tried to form a comprehensive picture.

In order to deal with this issue 4 environmental NGOs, namely APB BirdLife Belarus, the Center for Environmental Solutions, Green Alliance Belarus and the initiative Bezbolot.net, decided to join forming the steering committee of the campaign.

Working with local initiatives in regions and voicing the problem on the country level, we collected signatures and start a petition.

Public campaign “In Defense of Belarusian Wetlands” was supported by 90 public organizations and 19.000 people in our country. Thanks to activity of campaign the biggest part of territories from the Resolution “black list” was saved from commercial development and remained in former boundaries.

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Eight wetlands” (web-site)
Eight wetlands is a website that visually demonstrates environmental consequences of wetlands conversion for commercial development.

There are eight stories, one for each wetland, that describes how unique wild territories will change by drainage, peat extraction, agriculture and animal husbandry. We decided to visualize the territories that can be lost, to picture the special image of each wetland, write down their names in history, and most importantly make them noticeable and help people realize the value and “individual” character of each ecosystem. That is how the project “Eight wetlands” of eight portrays was born.

To wide extent the website raises the issue of wetlands conservation in Belarus. Our goal is to set a place for each unique ecosystem in contemporary world by appealing to people’s ethical principles.


“Bahna” Art Festival
The Festival took place in summer 2014 on the territory of Morochno wetland that is famous to be the biggest cranberry bog in Brest region and also for it IBA status (Important Bird and Biodiversity Area). During 80-90 Morochno suffered a lot from drainage and as a result many populations of birds disappeared. Nature and energetic of this territory inspired artists to transform their artworks for the landscape and in such manner to show how easily natural environment accepts human being and reveals its mysteries.



Breath of Swamps” (the movie)

The documentary tells the story of several wetland territories that get into the “black list” for lands aimed to be drained. Also this is a story of people who live on those territories and the way their life changed because of changing landscape. The movie touches upon the problem of changing wetlands ecosystem caused by drainage and peat extracting.

Director: Ihar Chyshchenia

The Bahna Map
It is a visual resource on our website that represents the map of Belarus marked with specially protected natural areas, natural environment sites and other.

Due to lack of information concerning exact placement of specially protected natural areas, we decided to make a special map with such sites. Each area has a certain sign and related link with extensive information and short description.


Information Center
IC is a service on our website that enables users to contact environmentalists, specialists in nature conservation, ecology, biology, hydrology, botany and other spheres. In case the user wants to contact specialist, he needs to fill the form on the web-site or write an email.

We have wide range of specialists who are ready to consult people on various issues, offering solutions for potential or current problems. Also it is possible to find answers for the questions already put on the web-site.



Our Partners and Friends

Green Network

Center for Environmental Solutions

APB BirdLife Belarus

International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG)

Eestimaa Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)

Coalition Clean Baltic

Greifswald Mire Centre



You can contact us by email bahna.land@gmail.com and by phone +375 29 69 515 48, +375 29 77 33 690.