About Us

We see as our mission to popularize ideas of sustainable development and protect right for a healthy environment. We stand in defense of Belarusian wetlands and specially protected natural areas, working both on the public contacts and grassroots level and on the governmental level and state-concerned organizations that are directly involved in environmental conservation activity as well as activity, related to development and usage of natural resources.

We want to increase ecological consciousness and responsibility in Belarusian society. From 2012 we are getting in touch with many different people, including both activists struggling for their right for a healthy environment and scientists who spent their lives exploring this environment and its effects on life quality. Also we cooperate with local and international environmental organizations.

Our aim is to prevent future degradation of the environment and to preserve natural habitat and biodiversity of our country. In a forthcoming period our goals are to initiate creation of new specially protected natural areas and expand already existing ones, to increase their efficiency, to create and promote methodological development, to improve legislative and regulatory systems as well as to develop environmental management.

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Our Projects 
Belarusian Wildlife Conservation Working Group
In Defense of Belarusian Wetlands
Eight wetlands” (web-site)
“Bahna” Art Festival
Breath of Swamps” (the movie)
The Bahna Map
Information Center


Our Partners and Friends

Green Network

Center for Environmental Solutions

APB BirdLife Belarus

International Mire Conservation Group (IMCG)

Eestimaa Looduse Fond (Estonian Fund for Nature)

Coalition Clean Baltic

Greifswald Mire Centre



You can contact us by email bahna.land@gmail.com and by phone +375 29 69 515 48, +375 29 77 33 690.